I was prompted by a post that I read this morning concerning putting off your own future due to lack of resources while always giving efforts and resources into someone else’s.


Having been raised on giving tithes and offerings, as well as giving of efforts into a greater work headed by others, I’ve also come to see another side to this. I’ve never quit tithing and giving and I never will, but let’s be honest. God’s scales have often had human thumbs applied.

The story of Isaac in Genesis 26 is a case in point. “and Isaac sowed in that land and in the same year reaped a hundredfold and the Lord was with him.” There was a famine going on at the time and Isaac had planned to go to Egypt just as his father had done in a similar situation. But God told Isaac to stay where he was, planting in famine, and as a result he was extremely blessed.

How many times have you heard that spoken without an offering appeal attached? Only one time for me. Continually making only a peripheral application is an abuse.

Isaac didn’t sow into an offering bucket. Against all odds, he sowed into HIS OWN land and future at the direction of the Lord.

Many people, I’d say particularly women, are made to feel that they have to spend their lives putting off destiny and sowing their resources into everything else but what they have on their hearts. And even made to feel guilty if they’re not giving away everything that comes into their hand.

Your life is worthy of you sowing into it. You were called and gifted for the destiny written in your heavenly book. Start sowing resources into your own training, your education, your business. Do something toward your future every day, even if you’re not yet able to go fill tilt into it.

Your God-vision is a rhema word and you’re gifted to steward it.