You’ve seen this type of post. So have I. HOW TRUE IS IT REALLY?

Here are some reasons why it could be true:
– You’re finding your own voice and you’re no longer a people pleaser
– You like to think for yourself; you’re confident of your convictions and hate group-speak
– You’re getting brave enough to no longer follow the crowd
– You’d rather lead a movement than be comfortable
Here are some reasons why it may NOT be true:
– You’re angry and obnoxious. You’re going to spout your feelings come hell or high water and no matter who you hurt in the process.
– You haven’t learned to craft your speech to engage people instead of repelling them.
– You’re unhealed wounds are always expressed through some cause.
– You can’t afford to let people into your inner counsel for fear they would see your faults.
Know yourself well enough that you can deal with your insecurities rather than projecting them onto the world around you. Learn who your true authentic self is.
Step up your real brave!